WPAdverts – Accept Payments Using WooCommerce Plugin v1.6.2

WP Adverts Accept Payments Using WooCommerce Plugin
WP Adverts Accept Payments Using WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Integration

Accept payments for Ad postings using the WooCommerce plugin.

This extension allows using WooCommerce to accept payments for Ads posting. If you are already familiar with WooCommerce you are good to go, just enable this integration create Adverts Listing products and start accepting payments.

When the user clicks “Publish Listing” button he will be redirected to WC cart where he can finish the payment. Once the payment is paid the Ad will be automatically approved and published.

With WooCommerce Integration You Can

  • Create different pricing schemes by simply creating new WooCommerce Products.
  • Create packages which allow users to pay once and post a couple of Ads.
  • Automatically redirect users to WooCommerce cart once a user finishes creating an Ad.
  • All the Ads are marked with appropriate icons so you will be able to easily tell which Ad was not yet paid for and which was Abandoned.
  • Once an order is paid and marked as Completed in WooCommerce the Ad will automatically become active.
  • Allow users to post Featured Ads.
  • Allow users manage their Ads directly from WooCommerce User Panel.



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