Codecanyon – Super Forms v1.4.1 – PayPal Add-on

In short this Add-on gives you the following features:

  • Payment methods
    • Single product or service
    • Donations
    • Subscriptions
    • Cart checkout (for multiple products)
      • Option to define tax, weight, discount amount, discount rate, handling fee
  • Send E-mail after payment completed
    • Optionally add attachments
  • Update post status after payment completed (only for Front-end Posting Add-on)
  • Registered user login status after payment complete (only for Register & Login Add-on)
  • Change user role after payment complete (only for Register & Login Add-on)
  • Conditionally checkout to PayPal based on conditional logic
  • Change Contact Entry status after payment was completed
  • Prompt buyers for a shipping
    • Prompt for an address, but do not require one
    • Do not prompt for an address
    • Prompt for an address and require one








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