Codecanyon – RISE – Ultimate Project Manager & CRM v2.8

RISE is a project management and CRM software. You can use it to manage your clients, team, projects, invoices, support tickets, estimates and many other purposes. It is suitable for many types of organizations, freelancers and individual users. RISE is fast and easy to use. It contains all essential features to manage your business.

A good software can increase your business opportunities, customer & team satisfaction and save your time & money as well. RISE is amazing to meet all of the requirements. No monthly fee… Pay only one time, download full source code and get lifetime free updates!

  • Get leads/customers from estimate request form. Share the estimate request forms in social media or external websites to collect more opportunities.
  • Send estimates to your customers and get more work orders.
  • Send professional invoices to your clients in different currencies. Invoices could be linked with projects also.
  • Get payment online via Stripe, PayPal and Paytm and automatically capture the status inside RISE. Notify to your customers via email.
  • Send messages or chat with customers to make the process much faster. Set permissions who can communicate with customers.
  • Check last login info of customers to know their activities.
  • Share your project time sheets with your customers. Select the projects you allow to see the timesheet or not to your customers.
  • Manage your leads in kanban view and move to different stages. Import leads and customers from other services using excel.
  • See details of invoices, payments and due of each customer. Add notes, log expenses, share files and events with your customers.
  • Automatically create support tickets from emails and be more professional on customer support.
  • List your services/products in online store and get orders from the customers.
  • Customize dashboard for the client portal and set important widgets based on your business. Add different custom widgets for special information. Custom widgets supports iframe to show information from external websites.
  • Change theme color to adjust with your brand. The dark and light mode theme also available.
  • Add announcements for your team members and customers to share instant notice, advertisements or offers.
  • Add files in projects, give feedback/comments on the files and get notification.
  • Add tasks and assign to your team members. Follow-up activities and stay up to date. You can add multiple collaborators.
  • Get the details of time spent on a task/project and evaluate the performance of your team.
  • Track expenses of projects, team members or in different categories and observe profit/loss.
  • Add custom fields to keep essential information according to your needs in projects, clients, tasks, events and many other modules.
  • Manage your personal events in calendar view and share the events with team members/customers. Define different access permissions for different members. Get project, task and leave overview in the same calendar.
  • Integrate your calendar with google calendar and stay synced.
  • Notification is very important to know the different events/activities. You can control all the notifications and can set who’ll get that. Get push notification, email notification and also in slack.
  • Add knowledge base articles for your customers to share more information.
  • Manage your team attendance report using timecards. See daily working history and punch in out status.
  • Team members can submit leave application for their absence. Approve or reject the applications.
  • Make a road-map for your projects and see visual report in the Gantt chart.
  • Define custom role/permissions for different team members and define who can access which modules.
  • Add articles in the internal wiki to help your team members and share different information/instructions there.
  • Share ideas with your team members in the timeline.
  • Add private notes and save all useful information. Sticky note on the dashboard can help you to remember important works.
  • Use personal to-do list and never forget your daily or upcoming works.
  • Add nice looking multiple custom dashboards to monitor your work more efficiently.





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